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Wind energy goes into the strategy transition period during “National Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, distributed development is advocated

Publish Date:2012-03-27

Shi Lishan, the Deputy Director of Renewable and New Energy Department of National Energy Administration, said that Chinese government will not only develop large wind power bases, but also encourage the distributed development on the basis of wind power research experiences. Offshore wind power is not only the trend of international energy development, but also the key point of China wind power development in the future.

According to reports, the accumulated installed capacity of wind power achieved 33940 thousand KW in the first season in China, while the generated energy achieves 18.8 billion KWH, which is close to 20.58 billion KWH generated by nuclear power with the increase by 60.4 and a positive development trend. Meanwhile, some problems are existed in the development, such as the concentrated power limitations and dropout accidents. The declaration of National Energy Administration is viewed as a sign of the adjustment of wind power development policy.

“The information to issue the advices about healthy order development of wind power equipment industry” by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

For implementing “The information about controlling the industry production redundancy and overlapping projects, guiding industry healthy development issued by the State Council to National Development and Reform Commission”, enhancing the guidance and normalization to wind power equipment manufacturing industry development and promoting the healthy development of wind power equipment industry, it is issued that the “the information about promoting wind power equipment industry healthy development”, which must be followed by related departments. China owns rich wind resources. Developing the wind power will create important effects on adjusting the energy structure, guaranteeing the energy safety, responding to the climate change and promoting the sustainable development.