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WINGREEN Battery Formation System Made its Debut at Shenzhen Battery Expo

Publish Date:2016-07-06

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center observed the grand opening of the 12th China International Battery AC /Fair (CIBF2016), the largest exhibition of international battery industry, on May 24 to 26, 2016.


HITE Renewable Energy participated in the exhibition for the first time as a battery formation system supplier, showing to the audience self-developed 10A battery formation system, 30A battery formation system and intelligent storage battery patrol system of WINGREEN series, which attracted extensive attention of visitors. People flocked to visit the products and communicate with our sales and R&D personnel.


With years of accumulation, HITE New Resource Energy has made great achievements in the field of wind power. At the same time with a steady annual growth of wind power business, the company has been actively dabbling in other renewable energy business in recent years, and officially set foot in the field of photovoltaic and energy storage in 2014.


WINGREEN series battery systems are applicable to the formation of large, medium and small lead-acid batteries as well as charging and discharging of storage battery, with features of easy operation and maintenance. Through reasonable charging and discharging among several devices, the products make full use of released energy and raise the efficiency with common DC bus technology based on IGBT devices. Its feedback efficiency reaches as high as 98%, enabling users to recycle energy, save energy and reduce emission. The process can be set up by the host computer software to control every loop, and the operations are easy, efficient and reliable. Fault diagnosis, over-current, over-voltage, disconnection protection functions are available. The products consume about 20% less power than traditional silicon controlled formation equipment and it takes three years to recoup equipment investment. Products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 national quality management system certifications.